Nemesis (Aisling MacKay)

OG | Managing Editor Nemesis is voiced by editor, writer, beta reader, and avid roleplayer Aisling MacKay. #WritingCommunity #ThePantheon | Original God (OG) - Charter member of In The Pantheon |

Rooftop Concert

Her wings flutter as I shift my hips from side to side in a sensual echo of the hard rhythm. My laughter plays out over the city as she wiggles her backend in imitation.

Camouflage, Part II

I have found that between myself and the other Gods and Goddesses dealing in revenge, retribution, justice and vengeance, we have taught the universe how to deal with some of those lesser infractions.

Camouflage, Part I

Although with all the upset being caused by Zeus and my brethren across the world, it has been a bit difficult to discern what truly required my attention and what was just the world and Olympus in upheaval.

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