Why is it your thoughts are always louder when you are under pressure?  It’s a never-ending cycle: one thought leads to another, and the next thing you know, you’re down the rabbit hole about something completely unrelated. 

I can’t let that distraction take over this time.  I have a deadline. Five days. I am already later than I should have been.  This should have been done weeks ago, but as usual, off I went uncovering the depths of something new.  This time, it was lost in social media, keeping me from hitting my deadline.

So, it’s down to now. Five days left.  I have to get the business proposal done.  I am turning off all other windows on this computer and focusing on what I have to get done.   

I think it’s always been like this for me. Life was easy before, happy, full of life and springtime.  Days spent at Momma’s knee, I didn’t have a care in the world because none had been given to me. Flitting from flower to flower. 

Then the underworld. And Hades.  I ran half a kingdom as his queen.  Putting this proposal together shouldn’t be this hard. 

Maybe it’s because Zeus asked for it. And it gets lodged in my head: is it my boss, CEO of the OA that is asking for it, or my dad, which is making this more difficult to finish. If it’s Dad, well…if I disappoint him, I couldn’t face it. I failed at my marriage to Hades. I need to not fail at this.  If it’s my boss, well, he can relegate me to whatever job he decides on. And he has already picked one out. The morgue just reminds me of my failure as Queen. A punishment, mortals would say, worse than death. This whole endeavor is my reinvention.

See, there is that rabbit hole again. I have wasted another hour worried about what to write.   Okay, Kore, get yourself under control and back to the task at hand. 

Business Proposal
Transitonem:  Transition Life coaching for the living and recently living.(Transitonem Latin a going across or over)

Executive Summary
This proposal details the role Transitonem will play in supporting the overall goals of the Olympus Administration.  By offering support to both Mortals and Gods, my team will provide relevance to the status of the Pantheon, as well as bolster the well-being of all our clients.
Specializing in personal and professional skills to help our clients succeed.

Offering an office in the Headquarters, as well as an office in the Underworld, allows the team here at Transitonem to impact a wide variety of clients in all walks of life.  With offices open seasonally, we can reach more souls to bring the Olympians back into the modern vernacular.
As an Olympian, and one who has had to adjust to different aspects of living in both realms, I am uniquely positioned to reach both audiences.
I foretell that offering a quality service will bring a positive impact on the reputation of the company in mortal eyes in six months.

Cost effectiveness 
Though the initial outlay of funds will go towards the design of a professional and pleasant environment for our clients, as a subsidiary of Olympus Administration, Transitonem will bring in unlimited revenue.
This revenue will not only be monetary, but also in reputation.  By engaging clients from the mortal realm, the names of the Gods will again be on the lips of mortal beings, and our stock will climb amongst the businesses of the world.

It’s funny if you think about it. I am worried about a deadline.  I am still the Queen of the Underworld; deadlines are almost all that we do. I can handle a silly deadline.   Now, to get this up to the CEO’s office. I am going to just have to tell him this is what I can do. Daddy said get a job. He wants to see what my business idea can do for his company.  I can directly impact their lives by sharing what I have learned from my own. Mortals prayed to and worshiped us because they believed we could impact their world. Just because the world has changed doesn’t mean we don’t still have a place in it.

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