Ever the reader, ever the researcher, I collected all I could. The tomes themselves exuded a rich, musty sense of history that I held invaluable. Being here made me feel complete, as if I were blanketed in the comfortable sense of order that comes from studying trials and tribulations from antiquity.

Desire and Duty

Hades is perfect. Physically perfect. It is rare for us gods to have flaws in our physical forms because we have such a high degree of control over them, and we heal so quickly. So, when my fingertips find themselves drawn through a trench on his outer thigh, it is something of a shock.

Setting Us Both Free

“I don’t want to be bound to him any longer. It’s not as if I am throwing away my past or my history. Its time has passed, and what was once there,” I shrugged, “it’s not the same. Besides, it’s not just a barrier to us. I have thought about it since those visions. It’s a barrier to all of us. You, me, Hades, Hekate. We are all trapped at this crossroad.”

First Time In Forever, Part II

And so, I give him what he wants. All of me and my fire, in his hands, at his command. A smile flickers across his face as he feels my energy shift against his, no longer timid or restrained, just an extension of him. The feeling is indescribable as that line between us dissolves, and we are no longer two dancers, but a single dance.

Queen Undone: The Red Pill

I groaned in pain as several thousand years of memories rushed back in. I felt nauseous and struggled to put everything into perspective. I felt Zeus kiss my hands, and I opened my eyes, immediately remembering every argument, every laugh, every moment with him.

In Search of Aunt Demeter

Kara displayed a certain grace when she was using those weapons. A sense of…” he thought for a moment, “…fluidity, for lack of a better word. It was like she and the weapons were one. To be honest, it was like watching you when you practice. She’s very good.”

Brass Tax

As things seem to break apart, I take the opportunity to make my way over to Atë. I lay my hand on my half-sister and best friend’s shoulder, and it’s as if we haven’t been apart for centuries.

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