I popped back into my brother’s apartment. I wasn’t surprised that Eros wasn’t in sight. Nyx stood at the side of the bed, and the young girl looked no less upset than before. They both turned and looked at me when I reappeared, and Nyx moved toward me when she saw the mess Eros made of my face.

“Din, amata,” she started but I waved her off.

“Where is he?” I growled, “Where did he go?”

Nyx pulled her hand back and looked at me as if to say, “Excuse me?

I dropped my head for a second, then looked back up.

“I’m sorry, Nyx, that was rude. Please forgive me, I just got sucker-punched by my ungrateful brother. Regardless, you deserve better than that.”

Nyx smiled. “He’s in the bathroom.”

I headed down the hall to the bathroom and tried the knob. Locked. I pressed my ear to the door and could hear water running.

“Eros, open the door,” I called through the door.

“Fuck off,” came the answer.

I was in no mood. I ripped the doorknob off the door, then shoved the door off its hinges.

“Zeus be damned, Din. Leave me the fuck alone.” He was standing over the sink trying to unsuccessfully stem the bleeding all over his face. 

I felt a twinge of guilt when I looked at the beating I’d administered to him.

“I have always fucking hated you,” he hissed at me as he tried to shove me back out of the bathroom.

…annnd, twinge of guilt gone…

“Sit down,” I said as I pushed him down onto the wide edge of his deep soaking tub. It was big enough to fit at least eight people. Eros resisted for a moment, then flopped down under my hand. I scratched through his medicine cabinet and found a few things.

“Hold still. This is going to sting,” I said as I dabbed the gash over his left eye.

“Ow, shit, Din. What the hell? You just closed Hedone’s wounds painlessly.”

“Yeah, I know. I just wanted it to sting. I need your head here, Eros, right fucking here. Are you here? Are you listening to me? Regardless of how you feel about Psyche, that girl out there probably is your daughter.”

Eros cut in. “What, so now you believe she’s my daughter?”

“Yeah. She’s no random mortal. She didn’t even flinch at being teleported or watching us teleport in and out. She’s sitting out there right now, talking to a six-foot primordial woman with midnight skin and eyes that flash like stars. Yeah, I believe she may be your daughter. You saw it and you were right. The girl has Psyche’s eyes.” As I spoke, I manipulated his wounds, closing and healing them.

Eros flinched at the name Psyche. “Don’t say that name. You don’t even know her. Hell, do you even remember what she looked like? I know, because every time I close my eyes, all I can see is her face.”

My vision. My vision of Psyche when I was injured. I need to tell Eros about it.

“Eros, I remember her. I remember her well. I saw her in a vision when I was in my coma several months ago.”

Eros turned slowly and looked up at me as he raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry, Brother. What did you just say?”

“I saw her. I saw Psyche when I was unconscious. I was seeing visions, images that were in a cloud. All things from the past. When those images passed, I saw just one more vision. She lunged out of the cloud and touched my face, and her hand left a searing cold spot on my skin. She said, “Eros, please find us and save us,” I believe that image is from the present. I can’t explain why, but it was different.”

“Why in the name of Gaia did you not tell me about this until now?”

“Because every time anyone tries to talk to you, it’s either jokes, deflections, anger, or, most recently, you running away. Why would I bring it up? You act like a self-righteous ass who refuses to share your pain so you can revel in your solitude and martyrdom. Even when people all around you are trying to help, you push them away and ridicule them instead.”

Eros stared at me for a second. I watched as the anger boiled up in him.

“How dare you talk to me like that?” He swatted my hand away from his busted lip and continued, “You stand there smug and condescending? You know nothing about me. I came here to try and heal your pain. Yours and Pater. For you, I succeeded. Yet, no surprise, not one word of thanks from you. I opened your eyes to love that was right in front of you, yet you remain ungrateful.”

I drew in a deep breath. “This is not about me, Eros. This is about you. If that girl is your daughter, then she needs you. When I got here, she looked like she crawled across one-hundred meters of broken glass. Why would you run from that? She’s probably your daughter and she needs you.”

Eros hung his head. He sat silent, but I saw several tears fall and soak into his trousers. After a minute, he rubbed his eyes and looked up.

“You don’t understand what is happening. For that matter, I don’t understand what’s happening.”

I sat down next to him.

“Then tell me, Eros. Tell me what you know.”

Eros drew in a long breath, then exhaled, before he said, “When you had your vision of her? I had one, too. Like a hallucination, but infinitely more real.”

“You saw Psyche, too?” I asked in disbelief.

Eros nodded again.

“The same night that you were incapacitated, Samhain. I thought I was losing my mind. I thought the Maniae were torturing me, but I see now they were not. If you had a vision at the same time, then something is happening.”

“So what do you think it is?”

Before Eros could answer, Nyx appeared in the doorway. She glanced casually at the broken door laying off its hinges before her gaze settled on the two of us.

“Lads, if you’re done here, I think you need to get out there and hear what this young lady has to say…”

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